21 DSD

21 Day Sugar Detox: Week One

I have decided to partake in a 21 day sugar detox. It sounds crazy I know, some would say impossible! But I am determined to complete it successfully!

When we consume too much sugar our bodies can become resistant to insulin which our bodies need to regulate our blood sugar. Messing with insulin can cause serious health problems including but not limited to: obesity, diabetes and death.
Personally, sugar makes me feel like crap. I struggle with self control so when I go on a sugar binge I dive deep, real deep. I knew I hit the sugar rock bottom when I woke up from a day long binge of Easter chocolate and generally crap food and I felt horrible. It was worse than the worst alcohol hangover (well maybe not really, but it was darn close!) I hated myself for the choices I had made and I decided it was time for a change.

3 weeks. That’s all it takes, 3 weeks! I can do anything for 3 weeks! Shoot, I carried a baby inside me for 10+ months, twice! I can do anything!
So there’s a list out there if Yes foods, No foods and Limit foods (I’ve provided it for you, aren’t I the best?!). Follow that for 3 weeks and there ya have it! Simple as that!

I’m going to break down the food I eat for the next three weeks to hopefully inspire some of you guys to give it a try!
Week 1:

M-F: Frittata-burger/Tom/basil

8:30: celery w/almond butter

10:00: tomatoes/cucumbers

11:30: roasted veg

1:00: kabobs- chix/pep/onion

2:30: banana chia pudding

M/W/F: eggplant/beef casserole

T/R: pork chop w/broccoli
I’ll share any bumps I have along the way! Happy Monday!


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