21 DSD Week 2 Update

Hey guys,

Checking in for week 2 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Week 1 was rough I’m not going to lie. Technically, you could say I failed. But I’m going to say I slipped. My moms birthday was Tuesday and I simply couldn’t pass up the strawberry shortcake! Live and learn right?! I’m still trucking forward however because the way I figure it I could fall of the wagon completely or I could keep working on it! 

So week 2 is off with a bang! I’ve planned and prepped and now I just need to execute! I’ve been cleaning a lot last week and this week and being out in the field can be really hard because you’re running around town all day long and the temptations are endless! I will do my best to power through it though.

Week 2 plan goes as follows:


Pork hash with 2 eggs 


Tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, carrots, banana chocolate chia pudding with Almond butter and salad. 


Roasted chicken with rutabaga, turnip, onion and parsnip 

Turkey burgers with sautéed chard and mashed parsnip 

Fingers crossed for a successful week!!! Happy Monday Everyone! 


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