Tiny House Living

I’ve never really been a white picket fence kind of girl. Sure, I grew up in a nice house in the suburbs but I never found myself saying “yes! This is it, this is the dream!”. To be honest, I’m not all that great at dreaming. I knew I wanted to make a comfortable living and that was honestly about it. I never dreamed of having children. In my earlier years of life I told everyone that I was never going to have children, we can all see how well that statement worked out! Now here I am, a single mother with 2 small children living in an incredibly expensive state, whoopie! 

I love my children to death, don’t get me wrong there. I would walk through fire and burn to death before I ever let them feel pain (serious stuff right?!). But it’s really, really hard. Especially when you are forced to live with your parents, therefore having an additional two parental units to contend with. I need a way to be my own person again, with my boys. 

Here enters the tiny house dream. The tiny house movement is becoming incredibly popular for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is because it is allowing people freedom from major debt. Housing costs have skyrocketed in the last decade making it next to impossible to own or rent a decent place unless you and your spouse (if you have one!) make at least 6 figures a year! For about 25k you can get yourself 250 square feet of bliss! Sounds pretty killer right?! 

And how adorable are they?! Because your dealing with significantly less square footage, you can afford to splurge on things that other people would have to cut corners on when building your own house, such as buying that gorgeous ceramic double bay farm sink you’ve always wanted! 

Sooo cute!!

Tiny houses are also way more sustainable. You can design them to be completely off-grid if you’d like, with composting toilets (not as gross as they sound!) and solar panels. 

The issue that I am currently facing is that zoning laws make it incredibly difficult to put down roots anywhere around here. If I build my house on a trailer and classify it as an RV, the law dictates that you can only spend a few days per month in the RV. It cannot be used as your domicile. And if you choose to build it on a slab then you have to comply with building codes which specify a minimum size for the structure of which a tiny house would not be compliant. (SIGH!!!!!) 
So I’m left between a rock and a hard place, but dare to dream right?! One day I will own a tiny house, on a tiny farm with my tiny family (which may include a good man someday, and definitely dogs!) 


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