Hi! I’m Greta. I am a twenty something (closer to thirty!) single mom raising two wonderfully charismatic and often crazy little boys with the help of some of my incredible family members.


We live unconventionally (with my parents) and are making the best of things while I figure out our next steps. Things can get really nuts around here sometimes and it often makes me want to tear my hair out but that is what makes life interesting right!?


My goal in life?: to be as happy as possible.


How I plan to achieve that: build a tiny house and buy a farm.


Why start a blog?: because I know that there are other single moms and families out there with the same goal as me and if my shared research and experience helps even one person discover happiness then I feel it is worth it.

So thanks for tuning in! I’m always open to suggestions and feedback on how I can make this blog a helpful, inspirational place to visit!