Growing Your Own Food is the Cool Thing to do! 

With a billion groceries stores seconds from most houses, many will question why they should even bother to try and grow their own food. I’ve compiled a list of a few great reasons why you should consider attempting to have a vegetable garden!
1: It will save you money!

Fresh veggies are usually the most expensive part of a family’s grocery bill. This is often due to high cost for shipping the veggies long distances from southern places that grow vegetables all year round. When you eat seasonally in your garden you’re able to save a ton!

2: It’s better for the environment

Not only are you decreasing the carbon footprint by not buying veggies from far away, you also aren’t contributing to the excessive amount of pesticides and air pollutants being released into our environment through conventional mass farming.

My beautiful Basil plant. She’s my favorite!

3: It’s a very active hobby/lifestyle

You’ll be raking and hoeing and digging and planting and watering and all the other tasks that go along with gardening and it can be some serious manual labor! You’ll be tired and sore (but in a good way!) when you’re done with this! It also gets you outside in nature and away from social bullshit!

4: You’re putting less crap in your body

Conventional farming methods are riddled with pesticide and chemical use. The vegetables you buy in the store can absorb these chemicals therefore passing them along to you in the process of devouring them. Sure, the government says it’s safe, but do you really trust them? Growing your own foods ensures that you are treating your plants with love and care, not poison.

5: It’s fun! And it gives you a great sense of accomplishment knowing that you raised the food on your plate!
I hope these 5 simple facts will help steer you in the directing of at least attempting your own small garden! It doesn’t need to be big or glamorous! Look up container gardening! Get out there and get your hands dirty! Trust me, you won’t regret it!